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ORU partners with Asia Life University

ORU announced its global partnership with Asia Life University (ALU) this past week. The academic partnership will allow incoming freshmen throughout Asia to experience a one-plus-three education.

Students interested in the program will study at ALU in Daejeon, South Korea for one year.  After completing 30 credits, students can enroll at ORU and finish their last three years in Tulsa, Okla.

The parnership with Asia Life University is one of the first steps President William M. Wilson is taking toward the global expansion of ORU’s whole person education.

“ORU is excited to partner with Asia Life University and expand its efforts to recruit Korean students,”  Wilson said.

Founded in 1972, ALU is a Pentecostal-Evangelical and inter-denominational theological university.

Classes at the university are taught in Korean, English and Mandarin.

According to Asia Life University’s website, ALU equips their students to “think, speak, relate, worship and serve in a Pentecostally orthodox and orthoprax manner.”

During chapel on Oct. 30, a video was shown documenting the week spent in South Korea signing the partnership contract between the two universities during fall break.

“I’m so glad that our students can stay one year here and spend three years at ORU, so that a young man can go to the States and learn about how to better the spiritual power, the mind and the body,”  said ALU President Dr. Yeol Soo Eim.

President Wilson also expressed his excitement for the program.

“It provides a unique model, which is an on-ramp for students to be able to learn English before arriving in the United States at our Tulsa campus,” Wilson said.

Over 50 undergraduate majors will be offered to the students enrolled in the one-plus-three program; students will be able to receive their bachelor’s degree from ORU after completing one year at ALU and three at ORU.

International students who are a part of the one-plus-three program have the same opportunity to apply for Quest Whole Person Scholarships, premier merit scholarships and merit awards.

Not only will these scholarships be available, but students will also have the opportunity to receive grant money depending on the total number of students enrolled in the program.

“The partnership between ORU and ALU is the first major effort in the globalization of ORU, and our desire is to help raise up the next generation of Christian leaders to impact Korea, Asia and beyond for Jesus Christ,” Wilson said.

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