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ORU Student Body President Forum recap

ORU’s 2018 Student Body President Candidate Forum took place Monday night to give the candidates a chance to expand on their platform ideas.

The current candidates are Hannah Brennecke, Jonathan Roesler and Titus Schmitt.

Titus Schmitt

Schmitt’s campaign aims to “Love people, serve people and know people.”

Schmitt, whose campaign emphasizes community, said he will be taking 12 credit hours in the fall so he can be available to students. He would have an open-door policy and would encourage different groups to talk with him about their ideas.

For more athletic engagement, Schmitt proposed “Eagle Weeks,” where each week would focus on a different sport and include meet-and-greets so students can meet the athletic teams.

Schmitt said he would like to put lights in Howard field, so intramurals can be played later at night. He also mentioned bringing back “ORU’s Got Talent.”

Jonathan Roesler

Roesler brought his campaign back to ORU’s vision of dreaming big and listening to the voice of God before taking action.

One element of Roesler’s campaign is a volunteer commuter liaison position within Student Association, so that SA can understand the needs of the commuter community.

Roesler is also campaigning for fruit stands that would be on the outside of the GC and LRC. The fruit would be provided by Sodexo and funded possibly by SA.

Roesler proposed that SA could increase their budget by 600,000 dollars or more by including a fee that would raise tuition 50 dollars a semester.

Recognizing the veterans at ORU, Roesler would like to put up a billboard outside the veteran’s lounge to invite more people in.

Hannah Brennecke

Brennecke said her campaign was one that aimed to represent “every group” at ORU.

To allow commuters more chances to attend events, she proposes that SA should move events to earlier in the evening. Brennecke also encouraged more advertising of international student events.

She discussed her proposed HPE pass-or-fail option, arguing that HPE shouldn’t be “negatively affecting” students. Questions were raised about the plausibility of this idea due to ORU’s policy. Brennecke responded by saying she would do her best to work with administration and “fight” to turn this campaign idea into a reality

Brennecke also proposed a Sodexo-bucks-only meal plan to avoid ‘wasting student’s money on a meal plan they won’t use.’ She said even if the policy won’t allow for a complete Sodexo-buck option, she will work to make the Sodexo plans less restricting.

To learn more about each candidates’ platform:

Voting is on Vision and starts at 12 a.m., March 13. Voting will continue until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.