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‘PovertyCure’ documentary to screen in Zoppelt

Statistics indicate global poverty moves Americans. But while 88 percent of American households engage in charitable giving, 1.2 billion people worldwide still live on less than $1.25 a day.

A recent documentary proposes the problem may not be a lack of generosity; it may be ignorance.

“PovertyCure,” a multi-episode examination of global poverty and the best ways to cure it, will be screened at two showings in Zoppelt Auditorium. The showings will be on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and Monday, Nov. 11, at 7:00 p.m.

The co-producer of the film, Anielka Münkel, will introduce the series at the Nov. 5 showing. She holds an MBA from Notre Dame and served in various economy-stimulating positions in her home country of Nicaragua before producing the series.

PovertyCure, a coalition of charitable organizations, educational institutions, ministries, businesses, and churches, focuses on providing economic opportunities through entrepreneurship.  By enabling people to start and grow their own businesses, PovertyCure hopes to build local economies and foster sustainable financial resources.

A second major focus of the group is to educate the giving public.

“‘PovertyCure’ shows that we can unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that fills the developing world and raise its living standards,” said ORU Christian Worldview Committee Chair Dr. Mark Roberts.

Although Americans are historically very generous, their giving may not be as helpful as previously thought. Enabling local economies to develop their own income streams requires a team effort.

“Poverty is indivisible. The poverty of the poor man on the other side of the world is our poverty,” said Dr. Solomon Hailu, international community development professor.

Along with screening three episodes, each session features comments from experts and responses to audience questions. Panelists include ORU international students, professors and practitioners aligned with PovertyCure.

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