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Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson visits Tulsa

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stopped in Tulsa Thursday morning as part of his 40-city book tour. Carson signed his book, “A More Perfect Union,” and greeted supporters at the Barnes and Noble near 41st and Yale. This signing came hours after the Iowa polls reported Carson jumped ahead of front-runner Donald Trump by eight points.

“It’s nice to know that people are actually listening to what I am saying as opposed to how it’s being reinterpreted,” said Carson to the media in regards of the Iowa polls.

Carson visited Iowa on Saturday for his book tour. He believes he is doing some things right in the state, which allowed him to pull ahead of Trump in the polls.

“Telling the truth, talking about matters that people care about. And that’s what I will continue to do not only in Iowa, but in the rest of the country,” said Carson. “You know, people are tired of being manipulated and they want to deal with real facts and they want to deal with real solutions.”

Carson knows that Oklahoma voters are important to his winning the election and believes the people can help him win.

“One nice thing about Oklahoma, I’m sure you have discovered, is that people here have common sense. And so, they are very easy to talk to and that’s good,” said Carson. “They are concerned about the important factors, you know, education, divisiveness, fiscal responsibility, how do we develop our resources and what place do we take on the world stage.”

Carson realizes that oil energy is important to the Oklahoma economy and believes in ways to keep its economy booming despite of the dropping oil prices and lack of export.

“I would use the EPA with business industry and define the cleanest and most efficient and effective ways of developing our energy resources,” said Carson. “I’m sure we could do it much more efficiently than we are doing it now, so that the prices can remain low. That actually is helpful to us, the low prices, because it helps to keep Putan under control. So we have to look at this whole global thing and use our innovation as we have in the past to give ourselves the advantage.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, creates laws and regulations to protect the environment. The EPA administration can create regulations without the approval of Congress allowing them to shape how the environment is effected. The administrator is appointed by the president and approved by Congress, thus the beliefs of the agency change with each presidency.

Before Carson has a chance to appoint a new administration, he must continue to lead the polls. One way he can gain support is by participating and winning the upcoming debates. Carson is preparing on the road for the next debate in a different way.

“[By] being myself and listening,” Carson said he is preparing for the debate. “I listen to people everywhere I go and that prepares you. But, you know I’m not a politician so I’m not gonna have a bunch of canned answers and, you know, prepared statements and stuff like that. I will answer the questions as they come, truthfully.”

Carson does not formally prepare for debates with someone standing in for the other candidates, but prepares by listening to his advisors and being himself.

The third Republican debate is set for Wednesday, Oct. 28 in Denver, Colo. where 10 Republican candidates, including Carson, will be present.

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