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Recap of second annual Grow Conference

The GLC was filled with bright-eyed men and women of many ages, who were gaining leadership knowledge and welcoming God’s presence during praise and worship at the second annual Grow Conference on Feb. 22.

The conference consisted of six guest speakers—Eric Peterson, Dr. Katherine Kelley, Mark Kresge, Bri Hoyt, Dr. Matthew Olsen and Dr. Jeffrey and Lori Voth—all who came to help further student’s knowledge with different talks such as “Ministry in the Presence’” “How to Truly Celebrate Others,” “What I Wish I Would Have Known as a Young Leader,” and many more.

It [was] mostly put on by Augustine and Allie Mendoza,” states Tara Templin.  “There’s a core conference team that is made up of myself, Gabby Williams, and Jesse Mueller. But so many members of the chaplain program held key roles to [help it] run smoothly.”

The Voth’s had a tag team session that explained the importance of ‘I Choose Us’ and how the differences in a relationship can be a good and bad thing, but either way, as a partner, you must expect the differences and embrace them.

“You must always think best of your partner,” explained Lori Voth. She further explained how the enemy hates it when marriages succeed and come into alignment “so we must rebuke and bind whenever you get those thoughts or when someone comes and talks about your spouse, so he doesn’t intercede into the relationship.”

“Hearing from leaders whose lives are a reflection of what they talk about, I am encouraged to look past my present limitations and focus on the bigger picture,” said Gloria Ntiamoah, the chaplain of Frances 2. “These sessions I attended have quickened me to realign my priorities in every area of my life in order that I may be able to cultivate the heart of a healthy leader.”

“Grow-Co” resumed for an evening session in the GLC. It started with a game of Kahoot to engage participants, quizzing them in the history and culture of ORU.

The praise and worship team welcomed God’s presence, pouring out their hearts through song—even using that moment to have their time of God just speaking to them.

The speaker of the evening was Pastor Daniel Grothe, as his sermon was on the topic of “Heart of a Healthy Leader.” Pastor Daniel gave the listeners seven tips on how to realize that your heart will contain pain and will go through a state of betrayal. However, that does not mean to stop; seeking help and guarding the throne of your heart shows the sign of great strength and maturity.

Pastor Daniel said that as you continue in the walk, you must find a group of friends and a sage (mentor) to help guide you and keep you accountable, finding someone to help show you the way and help to call you out.

As Pastor Daniel’s sermon wrapped things up, he called on a mentor in his life, Pastor Velpe Ellis Jr., to pray over the congregation for blessings over each person.

“My favorite part of the conference was getting insight from multiple speakers on how to actually apply the things we learned to our everyday life,” said Arianna Johnson, an attendee of the conference, “which ultimately circled back around to seeking the Kingdom of God and his will and purpose for our individual lives.”