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SA names new student body president

On Friday, April 8, during chapel, President William M. Wilson announced Shawn Madison as the SA president elect for the 2016-2017 school year.

Madison recalls President Wilson getting up on stage, thanking Peyton Luke for her service as student body president and asking the rest of the candidates to stand as well.

“Then he said ‘with 51.67 percent of the vote your next student body president is…’” said Madison, “at that moment, I thought ‘darn no run off. One person just walked away with it.’ Then he said my name and I was like ‘Who?’”

From the moment Madison was announced as president, he received over 100 texts from people congratulating him on his win.

“I have a passion for the student body,” said Madison. “I enjoy working hard. I enjoy serving the student body to the best of my abilities. I enjoy talking to people and working with people.”

Madison’s platform involves building school spirit for athletics by creating a series of events with each individual sports team where students can get to know athletes.

“It all boils down to this,” said Madison, “if we are friends with someone who is an athlete or know someone who is an athlete, we are more likely to support them than someone we don’t know.”

In the next couple of weeks, Madison will begin meeting with administration throughout campus to establish exactly what part of his vision will be able to be fulfilled. His term will start May 1.

“It’s still so surreal,” said Madison. “People are like ‘Ah it’s the president,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s still me, I’m still your friend.’”

Madison has been involved with SA since his freshman year. His sophomore year, Madison served as the special projects coordinator for the president and vice president. His experience working for the president and vice president inspired him to run for president when he had the chance.

Madison enjoys having friends in many different social groups at ORU. He says it helps him promote the vision of the university.

“The vision of our campaign is ‘Onward ORU,’” said Madison. “‘Onward’ means we are going to take ORU or help bring ORU and the student body to the next step.”

Madison believes it is time for ORU to move on and move forward.

“The vision behind ‘Onward ORU’ is to bring unity in our diversity,” said Madison.

Story by Alyssa LaCourse, Photo by Jeremy Luczak

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