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SA President Candidates

Campaigning has ended and all the votes have been cast. The 2016 SA president is one step closer to taking office.

The election process began March 21 with the of- ficial declaration of candidacy. Campaigning officially began on March 28, when the candidates took to social media publicly declaring their run for office.

Campus was plastered with campaign posters on April 4. Candidates got creative with their poster placement. Students could not escape the campaign- ing with posters in the elevators, restrooms and throughout the dorm floors.

The candidates answered questions from various students during the forum on April 6 in Zoppelt. Download the Aurasma app and follow oruoracle to view the forum.

To find out more about the candidates continuing to the general elections, visit Full features on the candidates including their journey to ORU, their platform and questions and answers directly from ORU students will be available.

Debate | Wyatt-3648
Photo by Wyatt Bullard

Peyton Luke
Year: Junior
Major: Convergence Journalism

Luke is the incumbent student body president and is running for a second term.

“It is now about moving forward with the momentum we gained and building upon our firmly established foundation,” said Luke.

As president, Luke became involved in all aspects of ORU not just SA. She represented the student body in meetings with administration and alumni.

“I do not take my responsibilities and representation of the student body lightly,” said Luke. “I truly value and respect my fellow students’ perspectives and ideas, and I want their voices to be heard. This is why I desire to continue serving in SA.”

Photo by Wyatt Bullard
Photo by Wyatt Bullard

Shawn Madison
Year: Junior

Major: Government

Madison has dreamed of ORU since middle school. His passion for the student body has led him to run for SA president.

Madison believes his experience and drive sets him apart from the other candidates. He prides himself on not being a part of any clique on campus and having a diverse group of friends.

“Because of that, I feel I am the most connected in each of the different aspects of the university in order to promote the vision of the university to go into every man’s world,” said Madison. “But we can’t go into every man’s world if we are not connected as the body.”

Photo by Wyatt Bullard
Photo by Wyatt Bullard

Joshua Pernell
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting

Pernell’s love for ORU stems from the community atmosphere here on campus. He believes unifying different groups on campus will create the pride he believes is lacking.

“I really think the experience I’ve had here gives me a passion to utilize events and the budget, to cater that experience, to be more strategic to why we have events,” said Pernell.

Pernell has taken conversations with students and used them as inspiration for his campaign.

“I am totally in favor of Lucky Charms in Saga and late-night Saga,” said Pernell. “I am also intending to build a wall and make the geese pay for it. I think people should know that.”

Photo by Wyatt Bullard
Photo by Wyatt Bullard

Gulliam Nel
Year: Sophomore
Major: Ministry in Leadership

Nel came to ORU from South Africa after being awarded the Quest Whole Person Scholarship.

“I’ve seen a lot of the ins and outs of the campus like a lot of the great things but some of the things that could be improved,” said Nel.

Nel plans on creating interdisciplinary events to solve the problem students run into when there are multiple events in one evening.

“I feel like I had the job [of president] before I had the title and served the students and did problem solving stuff,” said Nel. “I have experience, just from my upbringing, of building bridges and trusting God for the impossible.”

Photo by Wyatt Bullard
Photo by Wyatt Bullard

Sizwe Gamedze
Year: Junior
Major: Business Management

Gamadze has served as an R.A. and is using his international experience as a platform to run.

“ORU is not ‘O-R-me’ but ‘O-R-you,’” said Gamadze.

Gamadze is basing his platform on the individual students at ORU because the ORU experience begins with the students.

“What’s happening at ORU right now is because of the alumni that used to be here,” said Gamadze. “They decided to take initiative and take ownership of their school.”

Gamadze wants to take initiative, just like the alumni, and create change on campus.

Story by Alyssa LaCourse, Photos by Wyatt Bullard

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