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SA presidential elections underway; Only two candidates on ballot

Peyton LukePeyton Luke, Sophomore Media, Convergence Journalism Major

“Students should have a voice. I believe in an open SA – one that is active, transparent and accessible. Information should be readily accessible for all students about all SA department functions and events.

I believe intentional openness will increase campus life involvement and provide the opportunity for our diverse student body to let their voices be heard. SA is a representative organization designed to actively serve; however, SA can only fulfill this mission by consequently showing students that their insights and perspectives are valued.

My goal is to give students an active voice, allowing our student body to be truly represented within SA. The individual voices of students form the foundation of my campaign – and the basis of an active, transparent and accessible Student Association.

In this light, I stand for: Effective, public meetings; clear and timely schedules; caring and understanding outreach; frequent, informative updates; wider student knowledge of, and participation in, the electoral process; and a continual “open door policy.”


Nathan RobertsNathan Roberts, Junior Marketing Major

“The past three years, I’ve experienced ORU from a variety of perspectives: from commuting my first year, moving on campus my second year, and becoming an RA my third year, I’ve gotten to participate with ORU’s culture in a variety of facets. I’m excited to be a student at ORU right now, especially with the recent changes regarding student life.

Students are speaking up and administration is listening. I feel like, now, we need to focus on building school spirit. We are only on this campus for a few years, and we need to take every advantage of the opportunities in front of us. By rallying behind athletics, I believe this would enhance our campus experience and make us proud to have #GoldInOurVeins.

We are bombarded by notifications of events via cork boards and chapel announcements, but I never remember when clubs are meeting or what time the game starts.Having an accessible calendar that’s always up-to-date and sends out push notifications when changes happen would increase attendance and create a more exciting environment. I think Student Association already has a solid team built for next year and plenty of awesome events are already planned.

If elected, I would remain committed from the beginning to the end of the year to enhancing the everyday experience of students on campus.”


How do I vote for a candidate? 

Presidential debates between candidates Nathan Roberts and Peyton Luke will take place Tuesday, April 14 at 9 p.m. in Zoppelt Auditorium. Students can vote for a candidate Wednesday through Thursday, April 15 and 16 by logging onto with your Z number.


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