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Saga gets a facelift

Renovation of the Hamill Center, also known as “Saga,” began in June 2016.  This was the building’s first major renovation in nine years, with the exception of minor improvements.

“I think it looks fresher, more contemporary,” said Chief Operations Officer of ORU Tim Philley.

The renovation took seven weeks to complete. According to Philley, President William M. Wilson wanted Saga to look “more contemporary.” The inner walls of the building were painted orange, black, gray and lime green. Two picture walls were built showcasing students in moments of fellowship, studying and worship.

“I like that it’s more alive,” said Naomi Jimenez, senior at ORU. “I like that the vegetarian place is moved to the side and there’s more room for food.”

A new food station was also added near the front where the vegetarian station was previously. The vegetarian station was moved to the far side of the cafeteria near the soup and second entrance.

“They’re putting healthier options at the front so it will be more accessible,” said Philley.

New plates are available for use as well as a coffee creamer machine with three different flavors of creamer. The coffee machines have also been repaired.

A small monitor was placed near the new food station next to the salad bar as well as two new televisions near the picture walls.

New tables and chairs allow for more walking space. The same amount of chairs and tables in the previous design were also placed in the current one. New carpet was put in as well as brighter lights that provide pendant lighting.”

“I like the color and I like the feel of it,” said Deborah Sumo, senior at ORU.

Multiple companies can be credited for the cafeteria’s improvement including: Carol’s Flooring, TLC Painting, L&M Furniture and Frederick Signs.

“Everybody I’ve talked to, especially the students who have been here for a while are very impressed and thought it was well done,” said ORU Director of University Relations Stephanie Hill. “I think that anytime you can upgrade, it will draw more students in.”

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