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Missed the SBP forum? Read all about it before voting closes tonight

Last night, students piled into Zoppelt Auditorium to hear from the candidates for Student Body President and Vice President.

Campaign Platforms

Aleah LaForce and her running mate Garrett Maddox re-enforced their promises of diversity, sustainability and life. Abby Nusbaum and her VP Karina Salcedo re-enforced their promises of social, spiritual and student life.

LaForce and Maddox plan to work with the International Student Center to highlight four countries per month for their diversity promise. The ISC will choose which nations to highlight.

“With diversity events, a lot of the things that we are ready for are things that realistically have been happening and don’t require extra funding,” said LaForce.

They also plan to partner with organizations offering free resources around Tulsa to promote mental health among the student body. Sustainability will take precedence to make ORU greener.

Photo by Gabriel Jaggernauth

Nusbaum and Salcedo plan to push a better social life at ORU through integrating ping pong intramurals at the Hammer Center. For spiritual life, they plan to have chapel notes on the ORU student life app and have prayer sets in the Prayer Gardens to better highlight the campus’ grounds. PDP for HPE has been a large push as well, as Nusbaum and Salcedo want to give students more opportunities for HPE extra credit.

“One thing we want to do is provide ways for people who either can’t make those once in a semester fun runs is to make them more frequent,” said Nusbaum.

A professional clothing drive has also been in the works by Nusbaum to equip students to enter the workforce.


LaForce opened with her personal mantra, “JOY,” (Jesus, Others, Yourself) as a way in which she plans to lead the student body.

Nusbaum opened with a focus on ORU values, leadership, spirit, social and student life. She hopes to bridge the gap between students and faculty.


LaForce and Maddox told students many times throughout the night that communication would be key in their possible presidency. They hope to teach students how to make a proposal for change on the university and make their office hours known to the campus.

Nusbaum and Salcedo plan to implement “Fireside Chats,” an opportunity for students to communicate their grievances and ideas to them. Nusbaum related her previous leadership roles, including leading The Communique, as experience in communication.


LaForce plans to take summer classes to lighten her school workload during the semesters. Currently, she says she will take under sixteen hours per semester.

Nusbaum plans to make the presidency her priority, though she also trusts in the ability of Salcedo to step in when necessary.


Questions arose about LaForce’s “Freshman Focus” initiative. She hopes to work closely with the peer success coaches to better market the program to the new students.

Photo by Gabriel Jaggernauth

Nusbaum answered questions regarding her “Unapologetic Apologetics” initiative which will include the theology department and Dr. Voth to teach the student body ways to defend the Christian faith.

When asked about criticisms to the LaForce-Maddox campaign regarding the feasibility of their campaign promises, Maddox shared their plan to partner with organizations that are equipped to help with mental health in Tulsa.

When asked about criticisms to the Nusbaum-Salcedo campaign regarding the “lack of serious issues,” Salcedo disagreed with the criticism and reasoned that the platforms helped many different groups at ORU.

Ending Remarks

LaForce and Nusbaum offered up last statements regarding what they want to leave with voters.

“Vote for the platform you think is best,” said LaForce.

“We know what voters want. Karina and I balance each other out; my weaknesses are her strengths,” said Nusbaum.

Photos by Gabriel Jaggernauth

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