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Scholarship name change

A little less than 50 years ago, ORU’s founder delivered his first address to the student body. In Oral Robert’s speech, he spoke of the “Quest for the Whole Man.”

This year, Whole Person Scholarship has been renamed the “Quest for the Whole Person Scholarship” — Quest Scholarship for short.

“He wanted to articulate we’re on a quest for wholeness,” said Jeremy Burton, senior Director for University Relations and Communications. “You never arrive. You’re always pushing to be more whole in all those areas of our life — spiritually, mentally, physically, socially.”

When President William Wilson came to the university, he researched the initial vision of the Whole Person Scholarship and found Roberts’ address.

“You have, in coming to ORU, pledged yourself with us in what I consider to be the most exciting and revolutionary quest in modern times,” Roberts said in his address. “The quest for the whole man.”

The name change became official this year.

For the most part, the nature of the scholarship will not change. But Burton hopes the name will “invite more prospective students to the table.”

“We wanted to make sure that prospective students know that we’re trying to find those that are excelling,” Burton said. “We’re not looking for those that are whole and complete, because that’s not possible.”

In the next few weeks, the university will release a website for the Quest Scholarship. The site will include information about the scholarship guidelines, how to apply and the option to nominate a student online.

“Wholeness is a way of life here,” Roberts said in his address. “It’s something you get—it’s something you can become. Here you reach for excellence and find it.”

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