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Science vs. Religion: Dr. Halsmer’s book seeks to marry conflicting topics

Dr. Dominic Halsmer
Dr. Dominic Halsmer

Dr. Dominic Halsmer, director of the Center for Faith and Learning, is in the midst of writing his first book, “Hacking the Cosmos.” He is half-way done and expecting to have it finished by the end of 2015.

This is a book made for all audiences as a hope to connect and bring peace to the seemingly conflicting spheres of science and religion.

Halsmer received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at UCLA and received his master’s degree in biblical literature at ORU. Continuously hearing arguments from both sides of the spectrum, Halsmer was inspired to write “Hacking the Cosmos” to explain how “you need all fields of knowledge to understand the universe.”

A major point in the book is affordances, which is any ability that provides a capability. Halsmer brings an example of how a chair affords sitting, or a cell phone affords communication, or how the more scientific outlook of biochemistry affords living organisms, which Halsmer believes points to the conclusion of a grand designer creating the universe.

“All of these affordances in nature point to [an] engineering influence behind it all,” said Halsmer.

The book is not out yet but Halsmer is presenting it every third Thursday of the month starting in October at the Tulsa chapter of the Reasons to Believe, a ministry devoted to explaining how science and religion work together.

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