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Sen. Cruz takes Tulsa

The heat sweltered. The crowd pushed against each other, clad in patriotic apparel, cheering and waving signs. The excitement oozed through the thick line of reporters as Kentucky Sen. Ted Cruz stepped off the bus, grinned, lifted his hand and waved.

Tulsa, Oklahoma was the final stop on the presidential candidate’s “Cruz Country” campaign tour through the southern states Friday night. More than 2,000 supporters gathered at Union High School’s Performing Arts Center to hear the candidate’s speech and support his proposed agenda for the Oval Office.

“This is a fantastic demonstration of the kind of excitement we are seeing,” Cruz said. “All across the state of Oklahoma and this country we are seeing an energy, a passion. I think the reason is we are ready to turn this nation around. Oklahoma is going to play a critically important role in the republican presidential primary.”

During the rally, Cruz expressed his desire to see “free market principles and constitutional liberties that made our nation great.” The crowd erupted and gave a standing ovation when the candidate spoke about Planned Parenthood and religious liberties.

“So many young people are coming out of school right now, scared as to whether they will get a job. They’ve got student loans up to their eyeballs,” Cruz said. “If I’m elected president we will reduce the burdens of the federal government on job creators. We’ll bring back jobs, growth and opportunity.”

A firm belief in tax reform, regulatory reform, the repeal of Obamacare are among the list of goals Cruz has if he takes office in 2016.

“The way to do this is by… reducing the job killing regulations that are strangling small businesses and creating an environment where small businesses can flourish,” he said.
Cruz was the first candidate to announce his candidacy for the 2016 election. He described himself as a “strong and consistent conservative.”

Photo by Sarah Davis
Photo by Sarah Davis

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