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Speed dating with ORU nannies

The rushed atmosphere in the Mabee Center mezzanine was filled with excited conversation as the fourth annual nanny fair took place on Tuesday afternoon.

The fair introduces the nannies to the community that want to hire them.

“The nanny fair was basically created because there are so many families from the community that come and request nannies from ORU, and there are so many ORU students that want to be nannies and this event is to help connect those two,” said Allison Jones, director of Carrier Services.

“Not just through job postings but actual networking and the other part of that was it helps students to professionally develop, it helps them network, helps them do a short interview and so it’s working on those professional development skills as well.”

The idea held by some of the students was that the nanny fair would consist of booths and stalls much like an actual “fair” setting.

However, it is set up much like a speed date would be. The 28 round tables set up to mimic a ball room. The families stay stationary at a table and students rotate around.

Photos by Audrey Gray
Photos by Audrey Gray

There was a 10 minute meet and greet at the end where parents and sitters could then talk to those that they didn’t get a chance to interview during the main sessions.

When asked about how well the nanny fair worked as opposed to the families said, “You get to get an impression of the person rather than reading a resume.”

Another family said, “You can really pick their personality out and see if they are friendly.”

Many of the students and families felt that the nanny fair was successful.

Many of the parents and students mentioned a master list that holds the names and information for all of the nannies that are enrolled in ORU.

This list is used to contact the sitters that the families met and new nannies if some of them get sick.

Seany Denson, a senior marketing major, said “I had [been part of the nanny fair] my freshman year. They have a contact list they either online or calling carrier services and one parent called me and I’ve been day caring for them for a year.”

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