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Student Body President hosts forum in saga

The student association forum occurred at the Hamill dining center on Feb. 12. The event was held to give updates to the student body on the previous information given at the last forum held in October 2018.

The student body president Titus Schmitt encourage the students to give critical feedback on the previous SA events that took place on campus and the student body president office. He wanted the students to know that both his office and the other offices of SA would try to improve on their events based on the student’s commentary.

Student Body Vice President Rachel Seldenrust reminded everyone of their duties and made sure that everyone knew that their concerns went straight to administration as soon as it got to their desk. Schmitt stated that he would like to reach all corners of the student body.

Schmitt made sure the students knew they had the power to state their opinions. He encouraged students to give ideas that not just benefitted them, but the entire student body. Schmitt stated that the forum was done at the dining hall because they wanted to reach more students.

SA made everyone aware of upcoming renovations such as adding student art to the fish bowl, Whataburger accepting eagle bucks, a new food joint on campus and opening the GC until one a.m.

SA also mentioned the upcoming events that would happen on and off campus, including a mid-week movie drive-in, Eagle week for baseball and track and life week at the end of the semester.

The panel reminded the students of their communication lines and office hours.