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Student graduation speaker announced

Brian Nhira will be the student speaker at the 2014 ORU commencement ceremony. Nhira is a communication major, and often leads worship during campus chapel services.

“I was honored and excited. One step closer to the opportunity of a lifetime…I just think it’s going to be an amazing opportunity and experience. I’m hoping that more than gaining something from the experience, I can serve my class through this experience,” said Nhira.

One graduating student is selected every year to represent the ORU student body as a speaker at the commencement ceremony. The opportunity to speak on behalf of and in front of peers, friends and family at graduation is highly competitive.

Those who wish to participate must go through a rigorous preliminary process. Five students are selected as finalists, and those finalists deliver their speeches to a panel of judges consisting of faculty and student leaders.

“There are so many incredible speakers, communicators and personalities in the class of 2014. I listened to the other four speeches and was so impressed,” said Nhira.

After having about a month to prepare, Nhira claims he wrote his speech the night before it was due.

“I had known what I wanted to write about for about a month. The topic of the speech was constantly on my mind and I would spend a lot of time pondering the way I could frame the speech and what wording I could use, so when it came time to write it was very easy,” said Nhira.

Nhira believes that although he may not necessarily be “qualified,” he does have something to say. He is proud of his class and the obstacles they have overcome during their time at ORU. Nhira hopes the message he has to share will touch the lives of his peers.

“The prevailing reason for me wanting to be considered as the response speaker was because I have something to say, a message that’s strong on my heart that I want to leave with my class,” said Nhira.

This year’s speech should be one to look forward to. Without showing all of his cards, Nhira hinted that his speech may have a few surprises in store.

“I have invited three special guests to graduation,” said Nhira.

Nhira will keep his guests a mystery until May 3 at the Mabee Center.

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