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Students congregate at Campus Worship

Campus Worship is a place where ORU students, faculty, staff and the community of Tulsa can worship every other Thursday in Christ’s Chapel.

Because of the positive feedback from College Weekend Nights of Worship, the team at ORU Worship Center has geared up and revamped the time schedule for Campus Worship.

“We upped it to every other week, because we felt it was important to the spiritual culture of ORU,” said Jonathan Swindal, director of the Worship Center for the past four years.

Swindal said students are responding well to the extended worship time.

This semester, the team said they were honored to host All Sons & Daughters, a worship duo based in Franklin, Tenn., for Campus Worship.

He said All Sons & Daughters was chosen because many students enjoy their music and ministry.

Daniel Tsubota, assistant director of the Worship Center, said his team leaders, staff, worship teams and volunteers dedicate hours of time preparing for the nights of worship.

Tsubota said Campus Worship is the highlight of his month.

“While we might have a guest worship leader next semester, our primary focus is for these nights to be a place for our student worship leaders to grow,” said Tsubota.

The team said it’s difficult to calculate attendance, but an average of 400 to 500 people attended Campus Worship in recent weeks.

Swindal said Campus Worship is the main venue for student worship leaders to minister to God as well as their peers.

“It’s not all about the music. It’s about the ministry,” said Mary Shaffer, a junior involved with ORU Worship Center. “It’s all about how we apply it to our lives.”

Jennica Dimailig, a junior also involved with Campus Worship, said the student’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is evident during worship nights.

Dimailig said Campus Worship also uplifts the student body, which is vital to the spiritual life of ORU students.

Despite the work or school schedule of the semester, taking out a little time during a Thursday night could be beneficial to students.

Upcoming Campus Worship Nights are Nov. 21 and Dec. 5. Worship begins at 7 p.m.

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