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Students look to launch all-day prayer

As students arrived back from Christmas break they were greeted by emails sharing the news that ORU would be hosting its very first “Spring Revival,” called RenewU.

Students joined in Christ’s Chapel Jan. 8 and 9 for a time of worship, prayer and consecration for the new year.

As a result of RenewU, the prayer room in the Prayer Tower has been open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.

“We didn’t know exactly what to expect,” said Christian Polus, student director of the Prayer Movement. “RenewU was a new thing for our school, so we did not know what the tone was going to be, but that is why we just prayed and asked God to have his way.”

Polus hoped that the student body would experience God in a very real and personal way.

“I was going through a hard time during that week,” freshman Ron Parker said. “RenewU just really helped me feel refreshed through all of the praise, worship and open mic. Afterwards, I just really felt a cleansing on the inside.”

Parker said RenewU gave the students a fresh excitement and dedication to start the new year off right.

“At its core, revival is not outward signs such as elongated chapels or more prayer meetings,” Polus said. “Revival is when we, as a student body, collectively receive the call to holiness, repentance and brokenness before God, wanting nothing more than to be in His presence and let His Spirit work within us.”

Many students said the open-mic portion of the services was their favorite.

“What I really appreciated was the vulnerability of the students during the testimony segment,” sophomore Tolu Mejolagbe said. “I know that took a lot of courage to openly share your struggles and weaknesses to encourage others in the faith.”

The Prayer Movement team is attempting to make all-day prayer an ongoing reality every day of the week.

“Obviously, at this point we are not able to do prayer after curfew unless it’s in the dorms, but eventually we hope to be able to work something out with the administration to allow for that,” said Polus.

All-day prayer provides the student body the opportunity to seek the Lord for what He has in store for ORU.

“I truly believe this is the year that God has chosen to finally do this work that He has been preparing for years,” said Polus. “Revival is already here and coming in greater measures.”

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