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Students up in arms over racism

Student protests headed by University of Missouri’s football players and student groups has resulted in the resignation of the university system’s president.

In the wake of the Mizzou protests, several other campuses have witnessed the same protest on their own campus. Students from Yale, Vanderbilt and Ithaca College called for the resignation of certain administrators. Dozens of unvervisities around the country planned their own response to the protests. Here is a concise timeline of events that happened since September that led to Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

September 2015: A Facebook post from student body President Payton Head wrote several white males in a pickup truck yelled the N-word at him.

September 2015: A white male jumped onto stage during a play rehearsal and shouted the N-word.

Oct. 10: A group of African American students protested the homecoming parade because they felt univeristy President Tim Wolfe handled racist situations inadequately.

Oct. 20: Mizzou student group “Concerned Student 1950” demanded President Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

Oct. 24: A swastika was drawn on the wall of a residence hall using feces.

Nov. 7: More than 30 football players refuse to play or practice until Wolfe resgins or is terminated.

Nov. 9: President Wolfe resigns.

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