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Talks with Titus and his team

Photos by Jonathan Rodriguez

The Student Body President Open Forum occurred in Zoppelt October 2018. Unlike most other events Student Association hosts on campus, the event was stripped of pomp and circumstance to focus more on open conversation between SA and the student body. Concerns, questions, criticisms,and comments were all taken in by SA and addressed to the best of their abilities. All issues the student body brought up were recorded for later use.

While creating an open dialogue between SA and the student body, SA also shared some upcoming featured events. A spring pageant, a second forum with the administration, a Fortnite event at the Hammer, Battle of the Bands at Mabee Center Stage and a new food vendor for fall 2019 were all discussed, though no further details could be given.

Director of Student Experience Sara Haag expressed a desire for attracting students who are focused on the student body.

“Before I was here, the association actually hired their friends,” said Haag. “We’re really working on it, and we need your help with that. That means we need representation in the Student Association.”

Haag hopes to continue creating a culture of diversity and inclusivity in SA.

The candidness shows that SA wishes for more openness. All SA members shared where their offices were located and urged attendees to stop by with new ideas.

ORU Student Body President Titus Schmitt led a discussion about ways the student body can become more involved.

Student Body President Titus Schmitt indicated a desire for transparency.

“I want it to be an opportunity to be held accountable, so that people can see who they elected,” Schmitt said. “I want the student body to feel heard.”

Schmitt and SA hope the forum becomes a tradition for more students to feel involved.

“The goals for SA are to build connections and plan opportunities for them to have a voice and feel that they’re able to share it,” said Marley Jones, programs executive.

The current Student Association is building their legacy on transparency and inclusivity. The forum is one of many ways that SA is building connections.