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The Forum: A new student-run discussion club

A new club on ORU’s campus called The Forum hopes to encourage intellectual discussion and debate amongst the student body. They aim to motivate their peers to take creative action and help bring awareness and resolution to specific issues.

“I had been talking with some friends about starting something that would bring people together politically and socially,” said Forum President Lee Scott. “It’s imperative that people be informed. I want The Forum to be a place where people can have fun and really enjoy discussion.”

Discussion is the focal point of each meeting. Forum leaders encourage students to listen and give their perspectives on each issue.

“Hearing other opinions helps you grow. Whether you change your position or not, you still learn about what people think and how they assess things,” said Scott.

The first night at The Forum began with an opening word of prayer. Following the prayer, Forum Vice President Tammy Deng introduced the topic of the night: “freedom of speech.”

The students ravenously entered into discussion following a presentation of research, data and statistics regarding the issue.

“The forum offers people the opportunity to come together and discuss different issues that are currently affecting the world,” said Deng. “It’s very important for students to know what’s going on globally and students don’t really talk about these issues outside of the classroom. The Forum provides that outlet.”

The Forum encourages students to speak their minds while keeping a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Leaders designed the meetings to be solution oriented.

“We want to create an atmosphere where people can righteously defend what they believe. The discussions will not always be political. There may be topics on social issues, music and pop culture,” said Scott. “Whether it’s starting a campaign about an issue, or using a hashtag to raise money for a specific thing, The Forum is about creating ways for people to do something; to act.”

The Forum plans to have speakers come in with various ideologies and viewpoints on specific topics.

The club meets twice a month in GC 3114 on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. The next meeting takes place Feb. 10.


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