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The Golden Days: Back to the future

How much do you know about the history of ORU? Student Association has been putting you to the test this week. The Golden Days will have multiple events, ranging from a kickball game to the return of the Mr. ORU pageant.

Throughout the week, Student Association (SA) will be posting on their various social media networks, with different chances to win prizes. Here’s what the rest of the week entails:


Wednesday night will be the long awaited return of the Mr. ORU pageant. Selections were made through nominations on Twitter.


On Thursday, SA will be hold a contest for anyone who dresses up for throwback Thursday.

Shawn Madison, one of the two Special Project Coordinators in Student Association, hopes students get involved.

“There will be three prizes based on what decade you dress up for [on Throwback Thursday], whether that be the 70s, 80s or 90s. It is about respecting our old traditions here at ORU, while also beginning new ones.”


Continuing the events on Friday night is the second annual Student-Faculty Kickball Game. Social media will play a part in this event, with nominations for team members on Twitter.

Also, if students win any competition such as Throwback Thursday, they will be entered in a drawing for the kickball game. The selection will be announced during Mr. ORU on Wednesday.


Finally on Saturday, is the Founder’s Prayer Walk. Before ORU was finished with construction in the late sixties, Chancellor Oral Roberts would take his family and walk around the plot of land, praying for a world-

changing university. This continued throughout Chancellor Roberts’s tenure as president. On Saturday, the university bring back the tradition and walk around campus, praying for the school.

You can get involved with The Golden Days by following Student Association on Twitter(@oru_sa), Facebook, and Instagram(@sa_oru).

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