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The great debaters

Friday, Sept. 27 the ORU Debate Team headed to Hutchinson, Kan., to compete at Hutchinson Community College against 20 other debate teams.

After four rounds of debate, any teams with winning records took a break for semi-finals. The next day, the team competed in individual events, which consisted of dramatic interpretation, informative speeches, persuasive speeches, poetry and impromptu speaking.

This is junior Alex Cevallos’ s second semester on the team.

“Debate is a completely different world that consists mainly of three people: you, your opponent, and the judge,” Cevallos said. “In debate, you are given the opportunity to argue sensitive topics in our world today and, for this short debate, you can actually feel like you decide the final solution to the world’s problems.”

This weekend, the debate squad brought six teams consisting of two partners each.

“Debate is not as easy as two people arguing and a judge deciding who they like more, but rather it’s more than that,” Cevallos said. “Debate is about bringing your diagnosis of what the real problem is and having the best plan to solve it.”

The debate team returned Sunday morning, bringing home victory. ORU took third in sweepstakes for debate.

“My favorite part is of being on this team is getting to know the team,” Ryan Sullivan, a junior who placed at the competition, said. “I have nothing but respect for every one of my teammates. I also enjoy being around people who are more than willing to help each other excel.”

Sullivan gives credit to the debate program at ORU for placing fourth in speaking at his first ever debate competition.

“I was only able to win that award because of the opportunities that I have at this university,” Sullivan said.

The remaining meets will continue to exemplify the work that the team and its coaches put forth.

“Debate makes you a person that can have any controversial conversation and be able to make a justifiable argument to hear,” Cevallos said. “Whether or not they agree, they always leave knowing more than they did originally, and what better way to change our world in whatever calling we have than being able to spread the gospel in a well formulated structure that anyone can understand.”

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