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The Great Gabby Flood

On Jan. 20, the women living in Gabrielle Christian Salem dorm had their afternoon routines interrupted by an unexpected plumbing disaster. On the third floor of the dorm hall, a pipe from a bathroom burst, soaking the floors, walls and belongings of not just the third floor, but also the floors below it.

While some of the residents of the dorm hall were fortunate enough not to have their rooms or belongings affected, a great number were not as fortunate. The unlucky women had to move to either a vacant, unaffected room in the dorm hall or make the exodus to a new dorm in Towers.

According to Deborah Laker, the chaplain for Gabby 3 upper, the lower parts of each floor in the building were affected by the flooding, which resulted in ankle-deep water.

Laker says that there have been people working hard since this incident to restore the damaged dorm rooms back to their original state.

Students all over campus have shown their support for the displaced women and for those who have lost belongings due to the flooding. The night of the incident, many students from Gabby and other dorm buildings helped to move the displaced women into their new dorms, and many others have contributed by giving access to textbooks and such to those whose property was ruined.

 “I really admire how, in spite of the chaos, all of the ladies came together to help one another,” Laker said. “It wasn’t like we struggled alone. There was a great sense of unity.”

An email went out to residents of Gabby on Jan. 23 from Student Development apologizing for any inconvenience caused by the incident. The email also mentioned that the university will assess the damage done to personal property and compensate for it within the guidelines listed on the Damaged Items Claim Form/ Incident Report attached to the email if turned in by Jan. 28. The university is currently working to get the damaged rooms back to normal and ready to be lived in again within the next few weeks.