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The journey to presidency

“We had just come out of worship, and I was at a point where I was like ‘Okay God, either way this is yours. You are going to be glorified through this or without this,’” said Bishop. “When [President Wilson] said my name, I didn’t know how to control my emotions. My body went numb. I don’t even remember how I got up on stage. I just remember fist pumping at one point.”

The journey to March 8 started a month before when current Student Body President Shawn Madison approached Bishop about applying for the Student Body presidential campaign. Bishop had previously worked on the campaign staff of Madison a year earlier, but had yet to think of seeking out the position for herself.

“I had applied for other leadership roles and been rejected from every single one. I have seen them grow me and stretch me into who He wants me to be. Maybe this was the plan all along, and it’s just now piecing together.”

“Better Together” were the two words that brought to life the campaign strategy of Bishop, who is a 21-year-old native of Florida, and studies public relations and media.

Bishop seeks to complete her mission of community in a five-bullet platform. Her plan highlights campus unity, communication, commuters, school spirit and safety.

Presently Bishop is adapting to the new title as a part of her daily life, but aspires to better the student body through being herself.

“Just because there is this title next to my name, doesn’t put me on some sort of crazy pedestal. Clearly I am still a student,  I live in the dorms, I eat saga and I go to class.”

Bishop, after securing the win, began her training under Madison in preparation for her to take over fully as student body president in the fall.

“I’ve been talking with Shawn a lot, I send him several texts a day and apologize often, I just have so many questions,” said Bishop. “I have gained so much respect for him throughout this process, he emailed me today about a ton of meetings these next two weeks in transitioning. I’ve been included in emails to just get me in the know and [to know]how things work.”

The transition was immediate for Bishop, who over the past three weeks has spent time sitting in on various committee meetings.

“So far I haven’t met with any executive deans or VPs, the first week I sat in on a  Sodexo committee board,” said Bishop. “That was really cool to see how much of a say that students have, they read every single report.”

The future student body president also attended her first Student Association meeting. Also in attendance was the newly hired executive team staff, who regularly make decisions regarding events throughout the year. Previous student body presidents, including Madison, have been involved with SA before taking office. As for Bishop, the experience is new but perceived as an opportunity to grow.

“For me being an outsider coming in I think it’s going to be cool. It could be a new mindset and way of thinking,” said Bishop.

Among meetings in her first few weeks Bishop also participated in an international diversity and cultures committee, who meet to talk once a month about diverse events specific to that month.

Stepping into change Bishop is working, “to figure out the balance and normality now because it’s going to be different.”

The transition work for Bishop is just beginning, as she will be attending and training in several more meetings until the end of the semester.

“I want to be approached, I want people to come talk to me. What they love and what they hate because both of those sides are there. [I want] to figure out that middle ground to give them the best experience they can have these four years,” said Bishop.