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The spread of the new flu

Since September, more than 150 Oklahomans have died from influenza (i.e. the flu.) These mortalities have consisted mostly of the elderly and infants.

What to say to your professor when you’re too sick to come to class…

It hurts all over. Symptoms of this year’s influenza vary but often include a fever, cough, sore throat, congestion, body aches, headaches and fatigue.

For when your doctor starts talking about H3N2…

Don’t make the headache worse. Translation: there are four different “flu experiences” one can get, the most common strand this year, H3N2, is being held responsible for invading the globe so quickly. With the flu mutating and making an appearance as a different strand this year, even those who received a flu shot can still get infected.

“In previous seasons it tends to happen in different parts of the United States at different times,” said press officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Kristen Nordlund to The Cut. “This is one of the first years we’ve really seen that widespread activity is everywhere. Flu is really across the board in every state at the same time.”

When your classmate next to you starts to cough…

Move over. Some experts suggest playing it safe and getting the flu shot, keeping up with daily vitamins (see page 11), get enough sleep and wash your hands (a lot).