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This Homecoming is all about you

While the homecoming gala last year was ‘timeless,’ this year’s dance expresses a new focus of ‘masterpiece,’ which may carry different connotations. Beauty. Artistry. Care. For ORU’s Student Association, masterpiece is God’s greatest creation—you. 

Nicole Voerman, a junior sports management major and the programs executive for SA, and Kayli deMelo, a junior graphic design major and the marketing executive for SA, shared their hopes to celebrate the individual through homecoming.

“We wanted to highlight, in the most humble way possible, that we are the peak of creation, that we are the Lord’s masterpiece, and we are made in His image,” Voerman said.

The recently built Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Broken Arrow will host guests for the event. 

“It’s a really wonderful space that we can do a lot with,” Voerman said. “Last year, we really wanted to emphasize location, but this year we really want to promote the theme and leave students walking away with the thrill of the experience.”

The event has given opportunities for the SA offices to collaborate with other students, including the theatre department that lent a hand with advertising, by supplying props for a photoshoot to make the theme come alive in the promotion photos.  

“It’s made me so proud and thankful to work among creatives. The student body is just so inspiring,” said deMolo. “ I was able to meet people and form relationships that I wouldn’t have had.”

Voerman and deMelo also shared their wishes to improve from the previous year’s homecoming. Recognizing the shortcomings of last year’s event, including the overcrowding issue at the Mayo Hotel, SA regards the “humbling” time as a way to improve this year, now opting for a simpler enjoyable experience.

Homecoming participants are encouraged to channel a “classy” look, while feeling free to also wear a “bold color or a fun print,” according to Voerman. 

“We’re really wanting to go for an art museum [or] gallery with a dash of the MET Gala,” Voerman said.

In a statement given to the Oracle addressed to the student body, SA shared what they hope to evoke in the student body.

“This year’s homecoming theme, Masterpiece, was birthed out of the desire to create an impact that far exceeds just a one-night event you attend with your friends. We wanted to create something that resonates with every single person long after the night is gone. At the heart of this year’s homecoming, you will find this simple but profound truth: We the people, are masterpieces, infused with unique beauty, talents and personalities, purposed with the intent of displaying our Great Creator!”

Single tickets are $25 and $40 for couples, available for purchase on the student life app. Sales close Nov. 7.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Houser/ORU Student Association