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Timko-Barton construction to be completed in coming weeks

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Many students are unaware of the reason for construction next to Timko-Barton Music Hall that has slowed down post-chapel traffic.

“The project by Timko-Barton was supposed to be completed before students started to return, but sometimes you don’t know until you start digging what’s underneath the ground,” said Chief Operations Officer Tim Philley.

Numerous rainy days have halted progress, but Philley said it will be completed within a couple of weeks.

More projects are in the works that serve as a revamp on campus, including fixing the gold glass outside of Christ’s Chapel and two information kiosks that will allow students to map out their destination on campus.

“We have a couple things out there that will surprise you in the next few months,” said Philley.

For the Timko project, the original plan was to replace the boilers underneath the building that provide heat in the winter and help regulate the temperature of the building. Crews began work over the summer and realized that the structure was built directly on top of the boilers. The only way to put new boilers in would be to excavate Timko underneath, pushing back completion and making things more hectic.

Philley and his team discovered that they could place new pipes connecting the main boilers under Timko to their plant on campus and be able to solve the problem.

Throughout the summer, other minor, infrastructure-related items have been added to increase energy efficiency on campus and bring a fresh look.

New valves and piping in most buildings have been exchanged for greater safety. A French drain system has been installed around Howard Auditorium to prevent flooding during the rain and allow for water to be carried away properly. New scoreboards have been put in the Aerobics Center for volleyball games and intramural events. Additionally, approximately 20 trees have also been planted around campus.

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