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Town Hall: A word with Wilson

Dr. Billy Wilson gave the ORU community a chance to text questions during the Town Hall meeting after chapel in the Holy Spirit Room Wednesday.

“We are honored to be at a campus where Holy Spirit empowered leaders have been birthed, right here at ORU,” said Wilson.

Wilson explained that the core meaning of his ministry began with the Holy Spirit.

“Our goal for Empowered21 is for every person on earth to have an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit by Pentecost 2033, the 2,000 year anniversary of the original Pentecost.”

The crowd texted their questions as Tyler Green, Student Association vice president, presented them to Wilson. One question asked was how students could get involved with Empowered21.

“I hope that a large number of students will go with our team in 2015 to Israel,” Wilson said.

Wilson said they will be taking a group to explore Israel hosted by spirit-empowered speakers. The experience would focus on discovering the footsteps of Jesus, with sessions on prophecy, church planting, leadership and worship arts.

“In college I received a degree in biology and chemistry.” said Wilson. “I wanted to be a dentist.”

Wilson said he would have loved to have been in an environment like ORU, but that being in a secular college prepared him for where he needed to be today.

“I encourage you, if at all possible, to obtain your masters or doctorate degree now,” said Wilson. “It may be difficult, but don’t wait; you will not regret it.”

Wilson said there is a great need of spiritual fathers and mothers.

“There is a divide between parents and teenagers, a cry of restoration for trust and mending what is broken,” said Wilson.

In his book, “Father Cry: Healing Your Heart and the Hearts of Those You Love,” he wrote how his evangelist father left him when he was five years old. He said that he understood a high need for role models of integrity today and for leaders who are obedient to God.

“We are about re-alignment,” said Wilson.

“And my desire is to help a neglected generation, to pick up the groundwork of the past, and move forward.”

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