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Traditional homecoming turns golden

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

It’s a Golden Gala. The annual Student Association Homecoming Dance on Feb. 20 will be a red carpet affair resembling the Hollywood award season.

“We [SA] want to give the student body an event where they can get dressed up and have a good time,” said SA Assistant to Programs Jessica Sobel. “They can go with their boyfriends or just friends and dates and such.”

The Golden Gala is not technically homecoming, according to Sobel. This resulted in the name change: Golden Gala. Naturally, students are naming it homecoming because of the formal event elements and the spring season.

“Our vision this year came from the Golden Globes, as a huge award ceremony. So, we’ll be having a red carpet,” she said. “We just want to make it a night to remember and a good time for the students.”

This is the last time Homecoming will take place in the spring semester before merging with the alumni events held in November.

Administration made the decision to switch the alumni homecoming events from the spring to the fall to draw more alumni participation and to have a larger selection of basketball games to choose from, Director of Alumni Association Bob Beard said.

“Fall on campus is beautiful and we have a higher percentage of good traveling weather,” said Beard.

SA received the news too late to make changes to their plans. The staff decided to continue the formal event for students in the spring to assure quality.

Students can expect video spoofs in February chapel services inspired by the 2015 Golden Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

SA selected two female students to play the on-going roles leading up to the event.

Student Association encourages female students to display their finest formal gowns and male students to dress in their finest formal wear at the event. Students are not required to wear black or gold for the event.

“We want to people to have an excuse to get dazzled out. We will have music, hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and fun. Just a night of fun,” said Sobel.

There are 500 tickets available for students to purchase for the event. Single tickets are $25 and couples are $40.

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