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Uber: The next generation of transportation

Uber changed the world of transportation this past year. People all over the world can forego taxis and request a ride from a private driver using the Uber mobile app.

Each ride is requested and paid for through the app. Customers and drivers each have their own account which automatically calculates the cost of the ride from the location to the desired destination.

“You only get paid in terms of your productivity, so good drivers will know what time they should be on the road and where they should be, so they will limit their down time,” said Steven Rydin, instructor of marketing and Uber driver.

When a customer requests a ride they can see the license plate, model of car, the name and picture of the driver that will pick them up. Then the driver will see the location of the customer via the map provided by the company.

“I like that you get to see the driver and see their ratings before you choose them,” said junior Madison Lewis.

After riding with Uber, riders can rate their experience and the driver. The driver can also rate the rider in similar ways.

Every driver who works with the Uber company undergoes a background check, where they are required to submit the insurance number of the car they bought and intended use for the job.

“That’s the purpose of the background checks, to give customers a sense of security that these people are not previous criminals,” Rydin said.

Once a driver is hired, he or she chooses the hours of driving and which route they will take. The Driver can opt to not pick up any customer or take in a fare within a few seconds of being notified of an Uber driver request.

“Use common sense,” Rydin said. “If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then don’t do it. If you don’t feel safe in a certain area, then don’t go there. If you use common sense, or have a plan on how to protect yourself, then I think you’ll stay safe.”

Story by Rejoice Nwadiuko, Courtesy photo

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