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University joins Tulsa Research Partners

ORU has joined Tulsa Research Partners (TRP) to collaborate and work with Tulsa’s other institutions of higher education on research and development to impact the Tulsa community.

“Tulsa Research Partners was developed by TU, OU, OSU and TCC as a way to help professors at different institutions collaborate on grant writing and research,” said Andrew Lang, professor of mathematics and chair of computing and mathematics. “It is based in the city of Tulsa to transition some of that research to the community as well.”

TRP gives back to the Tulsa region as part of the Oklahoma Innovation Institute (OII).

According to Lang, an ORU alumnus, working in the high performance computing division at Hewlett-Packard, talked to the mayor of Tulsa on how HP could help improve health in Tulsa. The alumnus noticed ORU was absent in the research and contacted Randy Feller, chair of behavioral sciences. ORU was invited to a discovery meeting and received an invitation from TPR to become a full member.

“This will increase opportunities for faculty members to collaborate with other professors locally, not just in research but in grant writing opportunities as well,” said Lang.

On Dec. 22, 2015, ORU signed an agreement with OII for all faculty members to gain access to the Tandy Super Computer, one of the largest and fastest computers in the world.

“This is a result of ORU’s vision for the Global Learning Center and globalization. Having access to the super computer, to high performance computing, will let faculty members explore some cutting edge research,” said Lang.

ORU updates its five-year adaptive plan on a yearly basis. According to Lang, part of that plan is an increase in undergraduate research.

Lang encourages students to be a part of research by finding a professor they enjoy working with and asking him or her what projects they are working on.

“Students who are persistent will be the ones who end up doing the undergraduate research,” said Lang.

This past year, ORU participated in the Tulsa Research Day. Students from the institutions in TRP can present their research to an audience on this day.

“Increasing student participation in undergraduate research is a goal. It is part of the five year plan for ORU,” said Lang. “Students should feel free to approach faculty members.

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