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Why did the Golden Eagle cross the road? Because the campus is expanding.

Photo by Seth Roche

On Jan. 16, ORU President Dr. William Wilson announced the purchase of a new building on the southwest corner of 81st and Delaware that was previously owned by Victory Tulsa. The building is 100,000 square feet and has an extra 14,000 square foot warehouse.

“With ten years of steady enrollment growth, the time is now for several of our colleges to expand,” said Dr. Wilson in the news release.

The building will house the school of nursing, school of engineering, health sciences, counseling services, the online operations team and the golf team. Director of University Relations and Communications Stephanie Hill noted that most of these programs had outgrown their space, leading to the decision to move them to the new building.

“We have a lot of schools that are doing great things and they’re expanding,” Hill explained. “Like our school of engineering. They need more space. They need labs. We’ve literally had to do some work down in the basement for engineering because they needed more space.”

While the building is not quite “new,” Dr. Wilson plans to renovate and remodel it. There will be new offices, indoor practice facilities, and even shuttles to provide transportation to and from ORU.

“We’re always looking for ways to expand because our space is tight,” said Hill. “If there is any opportunity for growth, we’re going to look at that opportunity because our student population is growing.”

Hill estimates that the building will be ready sometime in the fall semester, so strap on those FitBits, ORU. The campus is expanding.