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Wilson announces campus-wide updates

ORU’s Information Technology department worked to improve cable and internet services in the dorms over the summer.

The coax cable television has been replaced, and the internet bandwidth was increased from 300 MB to 1.8 GB. Tyler Hearn, a sophomore theology major, said the new cable system is better than last semester.

Last fall, channels began disappearing. Those left were fuzzy,  Hearn said.

“As the year progressed, it kind of got worse,” Hearn said. But now, Hearn said the channels “work ten times better.”

Senior a rt education major, Janelle Andrus, said she didn’t have any complaints from last year.

“It seems good, but it doesn’t seem a whole lot  different,” Andrus said.

Andrus said she thinks she had  good service last year because of the location of her room.

The coax cable  television system has been completely replaced by over 1,400 cable drops, which consist of thousands of feet of coax cable and fiber,  new amplifiers, connectors, splitters, taps and wall connectors.

The same line of work is being conducted in the Aerobics Center. Other  buildings will be addressed this semester. More than 10 miles of data cable was pulled to various locations which gave every dorm room full 8Pin CAT6 wired connection.

The 5-year-old network core received a facelift to better handle the many different devices that are  dependent on the network.

Other updates throughout campus were announced by President William “Billy” Wilson during chapel Aug.  6.

This included new heat and air systems in the dorms which allow them to respond to the ever-changing Oklahoma weather in three  ours rather than the historical four days.

Extra-long beds are now offered in the dorms for those who are blessed with more height   than the average student.

In Saga, a chef station received a facelift, and a Moe’s ORU special allows daily student deals.

Perhaps, the  favorite of the updates behind extra bandwidth is the extension of Chik-fil-A’s hours—they are now open from noon until curfew.

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