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A brief message from your SA President

There’s excitement in the air about this new school year.

ORU has a new president and our university looks great. There are new students on campus (freshmen, transfers and graduate students alike), our athletes are setting new records and Saga has been renovated and revived.

Student Association has enjoyed overwhelming support from the administration, faculty and staff this fall.

We are grateful to our new president, Dr. Billy Wilson and his dear wife, Lisa for coming on stage with incredible listening ears and humble praying hearts.

SA is also grateful to the staff and faculty who worked hard behind the scenes to advance the voice of students. The momentum that has been created by addressing the major concerns of students indicates that the best days of ORU are here.

SA has a big heart for the university and is eager to help  improve the overall college experience of every student. We plan to represent graduate students well, carry along all commuters, provide camaraderie and support for athletes and sports teams, and help international students feel at home.

A big focus for SA this year is building a strong, cohesive community within the student population and enhancing student- administration relationship through various activities and programs that will increase interactions and build better interpersonal relationships.

SA strongly believes in the mission and vision of ORU. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with administration to ensure that our campus remains the birthplace of 21st century Holy Spirit-empowered world changers who will bring healing to our generation.

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