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Affording Education

Photo by Austin St. John
Photo by Austin St. John

Acceptance into ORU is easy compared to what comes after receiving the acceptance letter. Paying for school becomes an interesting process when most scholarships require either residency or citizenship.

Most international students are under an F1 student visa. In order to obtain this document, the student must go to a U.S. consulate for an interview. The main purpose of the interview is to prove prospective students have the funds to live in America. From the beginning of the studying abroad process money is a decisive factor.

For international students, things work a little differently. Affording education is a big monster. Without loans or financial aid, students must rely in other sources to finance their schooling.

I still remember the international adviser speaking over the phone telling me to “take a leap of faith,” as I was trying to find a way to afford college. After calculating frightening TMS payments, it was time to come to ORU.

It is not easy coming to a new country, clueless about how the bill is going to be paid. It is terrifying that the effort might be potentially wasted if provision doesn’t come soon enough.

ORU is one of the few institutions in the U.S. granting up to $20,000 in scholarship money to non-citizens taking not only academics into consideration, but also a spiritual and healthy life style.

ORU doesn’t seek particular nations; they seek Christ-followers. Many internationals find hope in the Whole Person Scholarship, but still have to cover the rest of the living expenses and the remaining balance after tuition.

ORU provides multiple job opportunities that help provide for the rest of the expenses. The work-study program, departmental and leadership scholarships are some of the ways international students find financial relief. More often than not, provision is found once you step on campus.

For many, America not only signifies the land of the free but a country of growing opportunities. The U.S. helps to get an outstanding education and prepare students to serve their native countries. Paying for tuition out of pocket can be overwhelming at times, but education is certainly an investment worth paying.

“God bless America,” for God has blessed us through America.

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