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Collaborations—Money Hits or Miss?

A friend of mine who loves food posted her review of Travis Scott’s Burger, a product from a collaboration between the rapper and the fast-food chain, McDonald’s. In her review, she said, “I am not impressed,” and I cannot blame her. The creation was nothing out of the ordinary. It looks unappealing and, according to her, was not worth the hype.

The whole collaboration is ridiculous, and I cannot help but laugh at the idea of a rapper and fast-food chain collaborating on a food product. It got me wondering about any other silly collaborations celebrities have partnered on. Most celebrities use their recently found fame to acquire more money by collaborating on various products, and those companies are not complaining—extra cash, right?

Going into this I was mainly aware of fashion/clothing brand collaborations with celebrities, but anything can be a collaboration. So, here are some of the most ridiculous or failed collaborations I found:

  1. Kendall Jenner solving racism with a Pepsi. The infamous ad tries to ride on the bandwagon of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The older Jenner is at a photoshoot when she notices a group of protesters walking past her. After her shoot, she joins the protest and walks up to the police with a can of Pepsi. For obvious reasons, the ad received a lot of backlash.
  2. Pastamania. Former WWE star Hulk Hogan decided to put his name on an odd product—pasta. Back in his glory days,  the pro wrestler decided to try his hands on a potentially lucrative product which was a Hulk Hogan themed Italian restaurant. The pasta was shaped to look like him. No, thank you. 
  3. Trump steaks—“The World’s Greatest Steaks.” I do not know if this counts, but since President Donald Trump was first a television celebrity before becoming the United States President, it is fair to add him on this list. Trump once said, “…if I put my name on something you know it’s gonna be good…” Sharper Image, a technology store, sold the steaks, but not a single one was purchased. If you are looking for “the best life has to offer,” (according to Trump) they are no longer available. 

Enough about food collaborations… Kidding. Most collaborations are with food and they take the win for the most ridiculous, but large non-food companies also have a history of collaborating with clothing brands.

  1. Adidas Originals x Arizona Beverages. For the summer, Adidas, a sportswear manufacturer, and Arizona Ice Tea collaborated on shoe designs copied from the cans of Arizona’s four iconic flavors. The shoes were flashy and cute—if you are into that sort of thing. There was a big hype in preparation for the launch of the shoes, but according to Footwear News, “Fans who lined up outside the streets of the brands’ New York pop-up were ultimately disappointed.”
  2. Huf x Spam. Huf is popularly known as a skateboard brand made by and for skateboarders. Recently, they collaborated with Spam, the canned cooked pork made by Hormel Foods Corporation, to make a camouflage jacket with the spam logo on the back. The jacket does not look bad, but I doubt that anyone will think about Spam canned foods when they see the jacket.
  3. Forever 21 x Cheetos. What is Cheetos classified as? Cheeseballs. Chips. Chemicals. They collaborated on make-up and clothing lines, which was so unexpected because Forever 21 just filed for bankruptcy late 2019 and has closed between 300 and 350 stores. The collaborations seem more like a cry for help to draw in more consumers.

Some of these collaborations are outright silly, and some offensive, but quality products might be a better way to promote their brand.