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Date Doctor: 10 don’ts

Christian campus subcultures are often riddled with dating dilemmas and misconceptions.

Ever wonder what the best way to ask  someone out is or where to take them?

Here are the top 10 dating don’ts from the new Date Doctor.

Keep it classy, ORU.

10. Saga dates 

Do you really have no other place to take her? If you want to make an impression, don’t go cheap. There should also be a limit on  ow much you spend on your dates…but don’t spend nothing. Hanging out in the cafeteria does not qualify as a date.

9. Cuddling in the Fishbowl and Prayer Gardens 

The Fishbowl needs a sign saying: “Let your girl breathe in the fishbowl.” Some couples think of themselves as the “cute fishbowl couple,” but trust me, there is nothing cute about two people frenching in public. Find somewhere else  to get buddy-buddy with your “special friend.” You may have heard the phrase: “Laying on of hands and speaking in tongues.” The Prayer Garden is for praying. The name should say enough; however, couples still think that it’s a great place to get romantic. Let’s  keep it classy— Stay out of the gardens.

8. Roommate date

The roommate date is intended to be a wing event aimed at helping people get to know each other. People take this fun and innocent event and make it into a serious marriage building concept. Girls: just  because a guy goes out with you does not mean you should expect a marriage proposal. And guys: don’t make it too serious. Just have fun and make sure it’s enjoyable for both of you.

7. Ask girls out  in the AC

If a girl is dedicated enough to frequent the Aerobics Center the last thing she wants is for you to be complimenting her or to ask her out. Why follow her around asking for her number? If you see her there, approach her later and use the AC as a conversation topic instead of staring at her while she works out.

6. Wimp out 

Guys at ORU are notorious for wimping out when it comes to asking out girls. If you gain the courage to ask a girl out, you automatically gain an advantage over 40 percent of the guys at ORU. So take the risk, what’s the worst that can happen?

5. Date your best friend’s girl

The unspoken rule in any dating setting is basically a three-part rule. Every one of your ex’s friends are automatically off-limits, any and all of your bro’s ex’s are off limits and do not try to steal your friend’s girl. If any of these rules are broken, it leaves you vulnerable to ridicule and to be held in contempt.

4. Ring by Spring

Don’t jump the gun. A seemingly plain and simple concept seems to elude a lot of students: Focus on meeting people and getting to know them and then think about marriage later.

3.  Wing-cest

This is a term you might recognize in reference to your sister or brother wing. The rule is: don’t let the brother or sister wing be a line-up of possible relationships. Get to know them, hang out and have fun. Don’t let them become more than brothers and sisters in Christ.

2. Pull the God card

“God told me to be with you.” If there is a more lame way to get a date, I haven’t heard of it. Whether or not you heard from God, you need it keep it to yourself. Why should anyone else care if you feel “led” to date someone? Just leave it unsaid and you may actually get to date them. But don’t use God to get a girl’s number or justify a relationship. Keep it to yourself, and when you two break up it will be less embarrassing for you.

1. Lose your social life.

The college experience is meant to be enriching, not only academically, but also to aid in building creating relationships. Coming to a college like ORU gives you the unique experience of meeting many great people, and if you refuse to mingle with the community you are missing out on the majority of the college experience.

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