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Five common misconceptions about girl gamers

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It’s not every day that you come across a girl who likes to play video games more than she likes to shop or take selfies for her multiple social media accounts. Girl gamers are a rare breed, and whilst there are only a precious few, people still seem to come up with ways to categorize us. Here are five commonly misconstrued ideas about gamer girls:

1. We don’t exist.
It is true: girl gamers are extremely uncommon. But I guarantee if you walk down the halls of ORU, you will see one of us wearing some sort of gamer merch. I often frequent the halls sporting my Legend of Zelda and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag paraphernalia.

2. We game because we want a guy’s attention.
First off, this is extremely heteronormative. While it is true that most game developers are not thinking of women when they sit down to plan their next game, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as interested in the new Assassin’s Creed game than any other fanatic. Sometimes we are even more worked up about it than guys are (take me, for instance. Bring on Unity!). Secondly, there is obviously no logical thought process behind it. I don’t spend my entire weekend levelling up my Skyrim character to help me impress a guy, especially if I spend all that time on the off-chance that he might pay attention to me.
3. We only play certain genres.
Girls are not limited to The Sims and silly iPhone apps. I am living proof that girls enjoy various platforms. From Runescape, a classic MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), to The Legend of Zelda, a fantastically-crafted adventure series by Nintendo, I am completely obsessed.

4. We have pink gaming gear.
This is just all around insulting. No self-respecting gamer girl would ever buy a pink controller or a pink anything for that matter.

5. We can’t possibly be any good at the games we play because we’re girls.                                                                                                            There are several girls in my acquaintance that could whip anyone in a good match of Modern Warfare 3, regardless of their gender. I’m not saying we are good at every single game that has ever existed, but I am saying that you can’t base someone’s skill level on what their sex is.

So now, armed with your new-found knowledge about the female gaming population, go out and find a girl who loves Black-Ops 2: Zombies just as much as you do, and either meet a great friend, or your future spouse.

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