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Goodbye from the Design Editor

Spring reminds me how much I love flowers. I love to see them bloom and enjoy their beauty as much as I can before they slowly fall to the ground. I like to take pictures of them, trying to get the best angle and lighting possible, to captivate their charm perfectly, so when they are gone I can still remember their beautiful qualities.

            Life brings us many wonders. It makes us smile, laugh and even dance. It shows us new things about ourselves, changes us completely and then reminds us who we really are. It teaches us about beauty in the good and the bad times, which becomes part of us. 

My life at ORU was definitely one of those wonders. I changed greatly, but somehow, I also found the man that I want to be. I discovered new passions and developed skills that I never thought I could have. I made many friendships that left their mark on my heart the same way a brush leaves a stroke on a canvas. Some of them might have not been the right color, some of them might have been too light or too strong, but all of them were beautiful in their own way and now create a unique painting in my soul.

            I don’t know what God has for me after college. I don’t know if I will find the job of my dreams or find new friends that will make me feel like home. I have no idea what is next in this life of mine, but I do know one thing. I am ready. Whatever it is that is coming, I will fight the fight and enjoy every second of it. I have learned that more than a human, I am a warrior, and my time at ORU made me strong enough to go out there and get the best out of the life God has given me.

            So to all those brushstrokes that became part of the artwork of my soul and reminded me that I am a masterpiece, to all of the flowers in my garden that taught me to enjoy the little things, to all of the warriors that made me stronger, taught me how to fight and to never give up, and to all the beautiful wonders that now I take with me as memories, thank you…and goodbye.