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Goodbye from the Sports Editor: Life lessons I’ve learned through sports

My time at The Oracle ends just as unexpectedly as it began. I am at a loss for words—which seems ironic since I work for a newspaper—on how to express how much being the Sports Editor means to me. I’m aware not many people are sports fans, but as my final act, I’d like to take this opportunity to leave you all with a few of the most vital lessons anyone can gain from playing sports.

1. In sports and life, you need a team. We are not meant to do this life alone. In the most recent NBA season, LeBron James and the Lakers were in a mid-season game, and one of LeBron’s teammates fell down. Before his teammates could get there, he had already stood up.

However, LeBron called his teammates into a huddle and said, “Anytime you fall, stay down. Your brother will come and pick you up.” We all need people surrounding us who will be the first to rush over and help us when we are down, for we can accomplish far more together than apart.

2. In sports and life, perseverance will take you further than almost anything else. For 2018, my word of the year was “persevere,” and I could not have picked a more fitting word. Through tearing two ACLs and dealing with mental illness, I learned how to persevere. The struggles were blessings in disguise because the danger, the hurt and the heartbreak all provided opportunities to succeed in the midst of trial.

No matter what you’re going through and no matter how dark it gets, remember that you stand for a greater purpose and doing hard things is what you’re made for.

3. In sports and life, being unafraid to fail is key. When the game is on the line and the coming free-throw shot will decide who wins, there is absolutely no room to entertain the thought of failure. Positive visualization and confidence are necessary to win in high pressure situations. The same goes for life.

If you think you can do it, refuse to let anyone tell you otherwise, and if you know what you want, then go get it. The only person who can stop you is you.

My time at The Oracle has allowed me to express a softer side of myself I don’t necessarily get to show on the court, and I will forever be grateful for my time as Sports Editor. I am a firm believer that sports can teach us so much about life, especially basketball—the greatest, most poetic game ever.

To The Oracle, to our faithful readers who don’t use our editions as shields from the rain, most sincerely,

Thank you and goodbye.