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Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite cynic

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As people are praying for their respective rings by spring, a certain milestone in the realm of romantic holidays stands before us.

Yes, as Feb. 14 approaches, there will be hearts, cards, flowers, the overuse of red and pink. And half of everyone I know is going to be super stoked about it. Couples are definitely going to be out and about around town, making eyes at each other, kissing in places that are typically inconvenient for the rest of the world and bringing that good ol’ sense of mushiness from Florida to Washington, Israel to Saudi Arabia, France to China.

And it’s still not quite as bad as the perpetual Valentine’s Day complainers, the ladies and gentlemen set on pointing out just how awful the holiday is, how stupid those participating in “V-Day” festivities are and how the whole 24-hour period is set on destroying their admittedly lonely lives.

They’re on Facebook, they’re in shopping malls, they’re probably living next door to you and me and, year after year, they’re driving the rest of us nuts.

Now, I am not one to invalidate anyone’s opinion, because, let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day can be overplayed in such a way that could annoy even the happiest of couples. I can understand why someone without a date would feel like the world is spending the day pointing out his or her singularity, and I know that can feel a whole lot like a knife twist.

But no one is making anything better by taking to public forum to talk about how lonely we all are. I have yet to see an individual’s Valentine’s Day rant bring about any real good in the world.

It doesn’t end in an impromptu date, nor does it stop the folks out on the town from having fun. People are still going out to dinner, watching romantic comedies filled with has-been actors and wearing their affection for the whole world to see.

So, please, do yourself and all of the rest of us a favor and avoid griping about Valentine’s Day. I’m all for free speech and everything, so if you do happen to complain via some sort of medium that I could happen to come across, then I will ignore it.

I am also, however, all for not being annoyed by repetitive cries for attention, though I will try not to judge you accordingly. Buy yourself a card or something that will fill your Valentine woes.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day views or plans, though, I hope you have a stellar day. I don’t know, I’ll probably be selling shoes or something.

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