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‘I hope to be authentic’: A letter from ORU’s student body president

In the late ‘60s, the Oracle ran a column written by the student body president, where he or she had the opportunity to share ideas and opinions with the student body. 

Hello, my name is Aleah LaForce, a senior government major with a minor in international relations. I enjoy iced chais, cinnamon rolls, aimlessly studying the enneagram, food, social justice chats, good laughs and new adventures. 

I am delighted to serve as your student body president this year and look forward to working alongside the student body to ensure that they feel loved, cared for and understood. I want to be authentic in explaining what my role does and does not entail. This role exists to be the voice of the student body to the administration. We exist to serve the needs of the student body to the best of our abilities, and I seek to put things into action that can have an overall positive impact on the student body. I desire for my office to be a place where students feel they can come boldly, honestly, feel at home and be my guests. 

Likewise, Garrett, my vice president, would like to reiterate that his office is always open for students to relax, decompress and experience a welcoming atmosphere.

I am passionate about empowering others to stand firm in their identities, and I hope to be authentic in my approach. Garrett and I are currently in the beginning stages of planning and communicating the best ways to implement our platforms, and we are more than open to suggestions. If you are looking for a friend to hype you up, eat with you or chat about anything, I’m your girl. I am excited to serve you with excellence and plan to recklessly love you the best way I know how. 

Love, Leah 

Photo by James Adamski/Oracle