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Letter from SBP: Excellence is a habit

Photo by Jonathan Rodriguez

We hear all the time that we should set goals, write them down and conquer them, but rarely does anyone talk about the work and consistent discipline necessary to accomplish said tasks. No one truthfully achieves success without constant failure and continual try. As I push myself to choose dedication over motivation, I face head-on the realities of my everyday habits. Am I setting myself up to succeed daily, weekly, monthly or for years to come? With some accountability from friends and some well-needed self-reflection, I realized my lack of habitual habits hindered me from excellence. 

As a natural free spirit, I sometimes fail to acknowledge an unhealthy lack of boundaries. This causes me to take on everything that comes my way as I lose sight of the power in saying no. 

We must begin acknowledging which habits will benefit our overall goals for success on a smaller scale, adding larger scales overtime. Success is defined differently by the everyday individual, but it must be defined. Once we have defined success, it must be paired with excellence. We cannot settle for ordinary, easily achievable or comfortability. We must push ourselves to reach levels that we know are going to take disciplined, habitual and structured behaviors to reach. These habits may look like waking up earlier, using digital or printed calendars, having accountability partners, writing out detailed goals and an action-plan needed to reach them. 

Ultimately, in order to maximize results, efficiency and productivity, it takes one step—beginning. Finding the will power to start is oftentimes the largest barrier. It begins with declaring it in our minds, wanting it enough to put in the necessary time and discipline, making excellent habits more than just a habit but rather a lifestyle of excellence.