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Letter from the editor

If you took a peep into my life two years ago, you would see a young Music Production major lost in the windy maze of concrete halls known as the LRC. Clutching a crumpled post-it note with “LRC 175” scribbled on it, I searched in pursuit of a place that would be my creative outlet. After what took at least two separate attempts down to the basement, I finally navigated my way to the Student Publications office where I was introduced to a staff of incredibly driven and talented individuals.

The atmosphere of a newsroom is often fast-paced and hectic. It can make a worrywart out of a stoic, a night owl out of an early bird and, apparently, a journalist out of a music major.

Today, I write to you in the same ol’ Student Publications office but now as Editor-in-Chief. And to be honest, I still feel just as lost as I did on my first day as a Staff Writer because, to put it in the words of Socrates, “the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.”

That’s college, though. No matter your major, we’re all a bit lost and trying to pretend to understand things we have only scratched the surface of. I can’t promise perfection this year as the Oracle team and I craft this paper, time after time. I can only promise that we will enter this office after our long school days and commit to creating relevant, honest and well-researched content that will inform and challenge the students of this university.

From late-night study sessions, to panicking over where we’ll live next year, to juggling the ever-changing challenges of college life, we’re all in this together. Unified by the shared drive to reach our dreams and energized by the competitive nature of our peers, we are all a part of a tight network of individuals who are all feeling clueless from time-to-time as we sharpen our crafts. The Oracle exists to capture these moments, to shine a light on what is left in the dark, to boost young journalists to reach their potential.

Few care about this paper more than I and of this I am well aware. Not everyone will care about this paper as much as this staff or I and not everyone can or should. It’s not about getting everyone to care about this paper the way I do. It’s not about recruitment or shoving our self-proclaimed brilliant paper down your throats. It’s about telling your stories and keeping you informed on what you need to know in an honest and honoring way. You keep doing your thing, so we can do ours.

Whether it be early-morning clinicals, the whiteboard covered in lengthy derivations or the piano practice rooms, we all have our own Student Publications office. Whatever it is, find your niche and make it better. Go do some impressive stuff this semester; we’ll be here as the eyes for what you don’t see and ears for what you need heard.