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Letter from the Editor

I remember when I first walked into the student publications office. I was a freshman. I was nervous. I rarely ever let anyone read anything I had written. But yet here I was, preparing myself to write something that could potentially be read by the whole campus. Yikes.

I knew I was going to join the Oracle the moment I applied to ORU, but I was so self-conscious of my writing I waited several weeks before even stepping foot into “Stud Pub”. But I did and I took a story assignment to write about the teacher pay rates in Oklahoma. My sister was a teacher at the time, and I saw her come home exhausted day after day from pouring her heart into the kids and getting a barely livable wage in return. It was something I was passionate about and I wanted more people to know the struggle teachers face in the classroom. I wanted to give a voice to the voiceless.

I remember the feelings I felt seeing my name and my words published for the first time. I was proud of myself. Ever since then, the Oracle team has become my family and “Stud Pub” has become my home away from home. Countless hours and long nights have been spent in the LRC basement, and they have been some of my favorite moments while at ORU.

I never once thought I would be sitting in this office as Editor-in-Chief. But here I am, feeling very similar emotions to that first day. Nervous. Excited. And once this edition successfully comes out—fingers crossed—I will be proud of myself. I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time…do any of us? But I am having a blast making it up as I go.

Down here in the basement I have found my passion—giving a voice to the voiceless – and the Oracle has allowed me to do that during my time at ORU. My senior year lies ahead of me and I intend to spend it helping others find their passion and their voice through the Oracle, like I did (and still do).