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Letter from the editor: Defining home

Sydney IlgWhen I moved onto campus two years ago, wide-eyed and incredibly sweaty (thanks, Tulsa and your humidity), I couldn’t believe this place could one day become anything close to home.

Home was Denver: towering mountains, brilliant sunsets, crisp, cool air and vibrant life. Tulsa was everything except that: flat, humid and sleepy. Yet, through every class hidden in the maze of the LRC, lap around the track and last-minute Walmart run, Tulsa was somehow becoming home.

A home so different and so removed from my own that my heart became split between two places, two feelings, two loves.

Suddenly, I was homeless. And I was home.

There is so much college teaches you, both in the classroom and outside of it. People attend university to gain knowledge, but instead, I think they gain skills far more valuable than what can be taught from a podium. They gain social skills, poor (or great) eating habits, a small understanding of adulthood and, hopefully, friends for a lifetime.

This is why I return, semester after semester: to commune with those friends, and learn from them and hear God’s voice through his most valuable mouthpiece-people. This is also why it is so difficult for me to leave.

This year, my definition of home continues to be changed and rewritten. This year, home looks like a bright office with blue, green and gold carpet tucked beneath the GC and LRC. Below winding staircases, behind curved halls and in the heart of the school lies the Student Publications office. In this place, I will spend countless hours working, writing, editing and praying for my staff and YOU.: the students of ORU.

Our readers are why we write. And we have been given an incredible charge: to be the mouthpiece of this university, to say what the heart of ORU speaks and communicate what ORU’s students, faculty and staff feel.

Your job, as a reader, is to keep your campus newspaper accountable. I encourage you to write to your editors, communicate your likes and dislikes and actively seek to make your voice heard.

We trust you to inform us of discrepancies or inaccuracies. We urge you to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with us through Twitter (@oruoracle), Facebook ( and in our office (LRC 175).

In return, we promise to create a more interactive paper for you. We strive to bring you quality over quantity and tell your stories in the greatest detail possible. That’s why we’re using new technologies, like the Aurasma app, so you can interact with photos and text on an entirely different level. So download the Aurasma app, visit our website ( and Facebook page to help us get the conversation going. After all, this paper is written specifically for you.

Welcome home, ORU.

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