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My journey to the GLC

Let’s get one thing straight: the sidewalks at ORU aren’t. Each morning that I walk through the parking lot in front of towers, over the geese poop, around the prayer garden and through the maze of perfect, 40-degree-angle islands right in front of the GC, I become just as tangled up in my thoughts. At least they make the view pretty, though. Seriously, have you seen that perfect hedgery? Unparalleled.

The trek to the GLC (especially in the Oklahoma heat) is no easy feat. It requires substantial concentration, a couple podcasts and at least one cliff bar. And, hey, can you blame me that my mind starts to wander?

I wonder if it’s faster to go around Claudius and by the GC than going through the prayer garden. (It’s 20 seconds faster to cut through the prayer garden, by the way.)

Who does this incredible landscape? I guess I should know. I’m the journalist. I kind of enjoy the mystery, though. One morning you wake up and there’s a perfectly-carved bush duck cheering you on to your 7:50 a.m. class. Godspeed, you perfect, random work of bush art.

Oh! I forgot this saga sugar cookie was in my pocket. What a good day.

Don’t look at your reflection in the prayer tower. Don’t look at your reflection in the prayer tower. Oops.

Siri, why are geese so mad?

Walk faster or move over, punk.

Oh, look. The globe is spinning today.

Why is everyone staring at me?

Where’s my professor? 

It’s Tuesday.

And…. I’m late for HPE.