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Nine signs you are an international student

  1. Photo by Austin St. John
    Photo by Austin St. John

    You understand the international student jargon.

I-94? I-20? F1? OPT? These papers are international students’ lives.

  1. Going home for breaks means breaking your piggy bank.

Or worse, for some, it might mean not going home. Airfare prices escalate as soon as you cross the American border.

  1. You get confused during American holidays.

Students get to celebrate random holidays or breaks like Thanksgiving, 4th of July, MLK Day, spring break and fall break. In addition, international students celebrate the festivities nobody knows about while seeing lots of pictures on Facebook about people having a blast.

  1. Converting from your home currency can be quite a struggle; either you feel rich or poor.

The first couple of months you cannot go to Wal-Mart without converting to your country’s currency and asking for help when counting coins since you have no clue of what their value is.

  1. Fast food at anytime.

Whataburger at 1 a.m. before curfew is a blessing when late night cravings arise. It’s not this way everywhere for college students.

  1. Your opinions of America are misconceptions based on Hollywood movies.

As much as other countries are stereotyped, so is America. Movies make America seem like a mean girls environment everywhere you go, but talking to people about their high school experiences makes you realize movies are not so trust worthy.

  1. You desperately look for a place that cooks your home country food.

If you can’t find any, you might go that extra mile, call your mom and cook it all yourself.

Every time you go home you might try to smuggle food back across the U.S. border and through customs. Missing typical food can be a real struggle.

  1. American pop culture is a blur.

That moment when people are talking about cultural things you do not understand so you smile and nod whenever it’s appropriate.

  1. Thank God for American politics class.

Politics are a big deal everywhere. But America’s political system might be completely different than your home country’s. Electoral College? Anyone?

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