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Nursing inspires beyond the hospital

Throughout this year I have spent many days in cramped study rooms with anywhere from four to seven of my closest friends, all coincidentally nursing majors. Complicated anatomy terms and drug names fill the air as the students quiz one another and discuss these topics in every aspect possible.

When asked to help quiz my friends, I simply couldn’t pronounce the words they needed to know. I stumbled through the vocab cards like a child learning to read; yet there I was at the same time working on my own words and writing daily.

Yet never would I imagine my life near the medical field, and in this time I have observed and gathered a lot from these practicing individuals.

They are a testimony to me that everyone is so uniquely designed and equipped for what they are called to do. The Lord has woven a passion into the heart of each person, expressed in pursued majors and life dreams.

As a journalist who loves spending time with nurses, I am learning to be patient and that anything can be studied and mastered.

For example, people in the major never seem to be disgusted. When someone on the floor is sick they courageously ask to help. They put their hands on sick foreheads and spend time speaking to friends and family about various symptoms. These brave individuals are asked to help in the darkest and hardest situations; they are humbly willing.

Every God given gift is inspiring to watch in action, like the skilled hands of an artist working paint into painting. They are found in the voice of a musician mastering a piece in preparation for performance. They are even found in the statistical and practical mind of a scientist deep in research.

In my observation, every studying nurse sees stitches, needles and injury as a beckon to come to and to be curious for solution.

It is a special person who can look ambitiously at something as complex as the human body and assume that with the right amount of effort a learner could be capable of aiding something so intricate.

Any profession can inspire the people around those diligently performing the task they are called to. Whatever your major, job, or aspiration remember that all fields can hold great inspiration for those who come in contact with you.